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Upgrade your cell system with E-Lyte

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20 L Drum 210 L Drum
Diameter [mm] <=320 <=600
Height [mm] <=530 <=1150
Net weight [kg] ~8,5 ~50
Material (AISI) 304 / 316L stainless steel 304 / 316L stainless steel
UN number UN1A1/ X2.0/ 350 UN1A1/ X2.0/ 350


Bottles (25 ml – 2.5 L) 

Our electrolytes come in UN-Certified aluminium bottles (made in Germany), which are wrapped in puch bags sealed under an inert gas atmosphere.


Pouch Bags

Shipped in UN-approved cardboard boxes suitable for the transportation of dangerous goods (in compliance with ADR)



Quick couplings Nitto Kohki 1P for inert gas

Nitto Kohki 2P for product

Nitto Kohki 2P for inert gas

Nitto Kohki 4P for product



Drums per:

• EU pallet  (120 x 80 cm)

• Container pallet (114 x 114 cm)

• Industrial Drum pallet
(120 x 120 cm)

9 drums per pallet

12 drums per pallet

12 drums per pallet

2 drums per pallet

3 drums per pallet

4 drums per pallet

Minimum Order Quantity [Kg] 400

Full-service return system for large packaging


Large packaging (20L and 210 L drums) can be returned to our drum cleaning partners in Germany. The cost of disposal of residuals in the drums is included in the service. The drums will be cleaned and then returned to E-Lyte for further use. The customer will be invoiced for the transport of the drums to the cleaning partner and the drum cleaning.

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