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Discover the perfect electrolyte solution, tailored for your project!

Overview of our development process



Experience a transparent process through close collaboration. Benefit from our rapid development process, powered
by E-Lyte’s extensive experience and comprehensive database in electrolyte development. We define key performance indicators
tailored to your requirements, ensuring precise data analysis and optimal results.

Embark on a seamless development journey with us, where transparency,
collaboration, and excellence are at the heart of everything we do.



  • 1. Initial Consultation and Collaboration

    We start with a transparent consultation, working closely with you to understand your specific needs and goals.

  • 2. Requirement Analysis

    Together, we define the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will guide our development and ensure they align perfectly with your requirements.

  • 3. Leveraging Expertise and Database

    Utilizing E-Lyte’s extensive experience and robust database in electrolyte development, we embark on a rapid and efficient development process.

  • 4. Data-Driven Development

    Our process is driven by meticulous data analysis, applying the pre-defined KPIs as selection criteria to guarantee precision and effectiveness.

  • 5. Test cells

    Highly Reproducible Multilayer Pouch Cells

    We specialize in the manufacturing of highly reproducible machine-made multilayer pouch cells, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

    Versatile Laboratory Test Cells

    We produce 2 and 3-electrode laboratory test cells in various designs, tailored to meet your specific testing and development needs.

  • 6. Prototype and Testing

    We develop prototypes and conduct rigorous testing to validate the performance against the defined KPIs, ensuring high quality and reliability. Our R&D department in Münster is able to prepare up to 100 electrolyte samples per day, ensuring a rapid and efficient development process tailored to meet your needs. Our rigorous testing includes detailed physicochemical evaluations at the electrolyte level. For example, we measure temperature-dependent ionic conductivity to ensure your product performs optimally under various conditions.

  • 7. Feedback and Refinement

    Your feedback is integral to our process. We make necessary refinements based on your insights to perfect the product.

  • 8. Finalization and Delivery

    Once the product meets all criteria and your expectations, we finalize the development and deliver a solution that excels in performance and quality.

  • 9. Ongoing Support

    Our commitment doesn’t end at delivery. We provide continuous support to ensure long-term success and satisfaction.

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