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E-Lyte wants to be holistically
environmentally friendly


For all decisions regarding our value-adding processes, it is important to
choose the best solution in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and
other environmental impacts!


We are aware that the mobility of our employees in the course of their professional
activities must be sustainable. Unthought-out business trips can have a significant
impact on the environment, which is why we apply the following principles in relation
to business travel:

  • The most important principle for business travel is to reduce it to a minimum. We use video conferencing and other virtual communication tools to reduce the need for business travel and thus save emissions and costs.

  • If a business trip is unavoidable, we choose the most environmentally friendly means of transportation to get to the destination.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

We work with external partners to understand our CO2 emissions and to develop targeted strategies for avoiding and offsetting emissions.


  • We take care to conserve resources in our offices in order to reduce our environmental impact and be more sustainable overall.

  • We use energy-efficient lighting systems such as LED lamps, switch off unnecessary appliances, use energy-saving devices and optimize air conditioning and heating to minimize energy consumption.

  • We recycle paper, plastic, glass and other waste! In addition, materials such as recycled paper and environmentally friendly office supplies are preferred in purchasing.

  • As far as possible, we use water-saving technology and pay attention to the conscious use of water.

  • We create incentives to encourage employees to use public transport (subsidized Germany ticket), bicycles (job bike) or to form car pools. We also encourage and support working from home to reduce the number of commutes.

  • We offer our employees the option of flexible and individual workplace design. Plants are an integral part of our space planning, as we believe that this improves the mental health of our employees through good air quality.

  • We promote electronic communication, digital document management and the use of cloud storage solutions to reduce paper consumption.

Handling with Resources

  • We use resources such as water, energy and raw materials efficiently. Our efforts in this regard have been supported by the Ministry of the Environment’s environmental innovation program.

  • We use environmentally friendly waste disposal and avoid pollution.

Social responsibility is part of our
sustainability strategy

  • Human Rights

    We respect human rights!
    Before working with a new supplier, our quality management team visits the production facilities on site to gain a personal impression of the conditions there as part of a quality audit. The assessment criteria correspond to European standards and must be adhered to without exception! The quality audits are repeated regularly to ensure that the standards are maintained at all times.
    We guarantee fair working conditions and fair pay.

  • Company Culture

    • We promote openness, respect and tolerance towards different backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences.
    • We have policies in place to prevent and combat discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
    • We have a diverse recruitment strategy that aims to attract candidates from different ethnic groups, genders, ages, sexual orientations, abilities and backgrounds.
    • It is important to us that our selection process is fair and transparent and avoids bias.
    • We are involved in the local community
    • We create spaces for open discussions and the exchange of experiences and perspectives.
    • We encourage our employees to share their opinions and ideas and offer the opportunity to give feedback in all directions.

Economical Sustainability

We shape our business practices with the aim of achieving long-term and stable success. Short-term profit maximization is not a goal and cannot become one due to our far-sighted corporate strategy.

Our business model ensures our
ability to innovate


  • Our products and services enable the use of sustainable technologies and solutions. We therefore see our business purpose as holistically sustainable and innovative!

    Our Products
  • As a start-up company, we use our flexibility in our processes to constantly adapt to changing environmental and market conditions.

  • Part of our recipe for success is our openness to new ideas and close cooperation with other companies and research institutions.

    Funded Projects

Together for a sustainable future

Our 3 pillars of a joint process


We involve our employees and customers in decision-making and exchange ideas with suppliers to design efficient processes.


Open communication of our sustainability goals, progress and challenges is part of our corporate strategy.


We take feedback and the needs of our stakeholders into account in our decision-making processes.

Ethics and Integrity

We adhere to ethical principles and do not tolerate corruption, bribery or other unethical practices.