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Funded project IntelLiGent


Innovative and sustainable high voltage Li-ion cells for next-generation (EV) batteries

IntelLiGent will develope safe, sustainable, long-lasting generation 3b Li-ion batteries with high-voltage cathodes and high-capacity silicon-graphite anodes:

  • 20 Ah automotive pouch-cells at ≥ 4.5 mAh/cm2​
  • Energy density (Cell level) of 950 Wh/L and 350 Wh/kg​
  • Costs of < 100 €/kWh at pack level
  • Power rating of 1500 W/L and 700 W/kg​
  • Long cycle-life 2000 deep cycles to 80% residual capacity
  • TRL 6 – Prototype tested in intended environment close to expected performance

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