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German Federal Ministry for the Environment promotes resource-efficient production of electrolytes for energy storage systems

BMUV Förderung für ressourzeneffiziente Elektrolytproduktionsanlage von E-Lyte Innovations

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04 October 2023 – Kaiserslautern

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment is funding a new plant of E-Lyte Innovations GmbH for the production of electrolyte solutions for innovative battery and other energy storage technologies. The project will enable significant chemical savings, lower waste volumes and a reduction in waste air containing (fluorine) hydrocarbons. The pilot project is being funded with almost 800,000 euros from the Federal Environment Ministry’s Environmental Innovation Program and will be implemented at the company’s headquarters in Kaiserslautern (Rhineland-Palatinate).

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E-Lyte and Nanoramic deliver high-performance battery technologies for the EV battery market

R&D partnership between E-Lyte and Nanoramic

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27. July 2023 – Kaiserslautern/Wakefield

E-Lyte Innovations GmbH and Nanoramic Laboratories® announce a strategic R&D partnership to deliver high-performance battery technologies for the EV battery market!

E-Lyte Innovations GmbH “E-Lyte” and Nanoramic Laboratories “Nanoramic” have entered into a strategic R&D partnership to develop breakthrough battery technologies, based on Nanoramic’s Neocarbonix® at the Core electrode technology and E-Lyte’s high-performance electrolytes.

The partnership focuses, among other things, on the development of an advanced PFAS-free alternative for electric vehicle batteries that is ready for commercialization.

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E-Lyte guest on the Elektroautomobil podcast

🎙️Which role plays the electrolyte in battery cells❓
🎙️How is an electrolyte composed and are there differences in the composition for lithium-ion battery and sodium-ion battery❓
🎙️And how dangerous is the electrolyte actually in case of e.g. overheating of the battery cell❓

That, a few interesting E-Lyte Insights and even more exciting questions about electrolytes, answered by our marketing manager Sebastian Staiger in the new podcast episode of Elektroautomobil!

A clear listening recommendation from us! 🎧

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Breaking ground for our large-scale 8.000 tpa production!

11 July 2023 – Kaiserslautern/Germany

Last week, the construction work for our outdoor tank farm started! Initially, there will be 4 x 100 m³  solvent tanks with 2 x 50 m³ chambers each! We transfer the solvents from the tanks directly and automatically controlled into our reactors!  And this is only a small part of our new and innovative production plant!

Our pilot plant is on the move!

2.4 tons of our high quality electrolyte in 200 L drums have made their way to one of our European customers

14 June 2023 – Kaiserlautern/Germany

Today, 2.4 tons of our high-quality electrolyte in 200 L barrels found their way to one of our European customers! And that was just the beginning! We are proud to be able to contribute an important part to the development of the European battery ecosystem with our electrolyte production!

We are doubling our production capacity!

E-Lyte News - double production capacity

!!!Exciting news!!! We are doubling our planned production capacity. Instead of the planned 4,000 tons per year, our new plant will be able to produce 8,000 tons per year! Construction is in full swing. Recently two 20m3 storage tanks for our electrolytes were delivered.

To meet the high demand for tailor-made electrolyte solutions, our production plant, which was already designed for scaling in the initial planning, is now being completed for a throughput of at least 8,000 tons of electrolyte solution per year. The plant is on track to start production in early 2024 and is expected to be expanded by 2026. Furthermore, what is special about our plant is that due to its unique flexible design and high degree of digitalization, the plant is not limited to specific electrolyte formulations! Part of our mission is to produce the perfect electrolyte for each energy storage system. We will remain true to this mission also with our large-scale production!

The first 200 L barrels are on their way to our customer's cell production!

Interview mit Dr. Ralf Wagner

Since the beginning of this year, our pilot plant in Kaiserslautern, where high-quality electrolytes are produced in a unique process, has been running at full speed.

In an interview in “Wir.Hier – Die Chemieunternehmen in Rheinland-Pfalz” (Wir.Hier – Chemical Companies in Rhineland-Palatinate), our Managing Director Ralf Wagner, PhD, answers the question of how his early vision of founding a company made it possible for E-Lyte to grow from a small electrolyte manufacturer to an internationally competitive large-scale producer within a very short time.

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We won the 2nd price at the Gründerpreis.NRW

E-Lyte Innovations 2nd place Gründerpreis.NRW

E-Lyte was awarded 20,000 euros in 2nd place at the GründerpreisNRW 2022. The award was presented by Economics and Climate Protection Minister Mona Neubaur and Mr. Eckhard Forst from NRW.BANK.

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E-Lyte Innovations GmbH expands the management team

Managing Directors - E-Lyte Innovations GmbH

Following the recent announcement of the commissioning of a pilot plant and the future establishment of large-scale production for high-performance electrolytes, E-Lyte Innovations GmbH (E-Lyte) and FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY GmbH (FLG) are now taking the next joint step by also joining forces at the personnel level.

New pilot production plant of E-Lyte Innovations starts operation!

E-Lyte News - New Pilot Production Plant

One ton of high performance electrolyte for batteries per day!

From mid-October, the first pilot line for the production of high-performance electrolytes will start in Germany! Due to the participation of the world-renowned producer of high-performance lubricants FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY GmbH in E-Lyte, which was only completed in May, a state-of-the-art and flexible pilot plant can start operation at the company’s site in Kaiserslautern within a very short construction period.

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FUCHS Lubricants Germany acquires a stake in E-Lyte!

Pressebild E-Lyte Innovations - Invest Fuchs

E-Lyte plans to build a production facility in Germany to strengthen the European supply chain for battery production!

– Münster, May 25, 2022 –  E-Lyte Innovations GmbH and a new strategic partner, FUCHS Schmierstoffe GmbH, will be the first German company to realize a several thousand ton production plant for customized high-performance electrolytes at a German site.


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Interview with Dr. Ralf Wagner [english subtitled]

Our CEO Dr. Ralf Wagner in an expert interview during the Hands-On Lithium-Ion Battery Seminar of Custom Cells GmbH.

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Podcast [german] - "From Science to Start-Up"

In this podcast, our CTO Kolja Beltrop talks about his own career in correlation with the success story of E-Lyte Innovations.

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More space and laboratory in the Technologiehof Münster

E-Lyte Technology Hof Münster

Just in time for our 2nd birthday, we can announce that we were allowed to expand to five offices, a workshop and three laboratories in the Technologiehof Münster.  We have also been able to double our staff in the last few years, from four employees at the beginning to eight today.


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We won the StartGreen Award 2019 in the category future mobility

E-Lyte Innovations - Start Green Award Winner 2019

E-Lyte Innovations was able to prevail against 250 start-ups in the category “Future Mobility”.

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We won the ERCIS Launch Pad - category "scientific foundation"

ECRIS LaunchPad Gewinner - E-Lyte Innovations GmbH

We received the prize in the category “scientific foundation” at the ERCIS Launch Pad.


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The E-Lyte Innovations GmbH is founded in 2019

Gründungsmitglieder E-Lyte Innovations GmbH

On the 20th of May 2019, we founded E-Lyte Innovations GmbH with our business partner CUSTOMCELLS®  and the materials scientist Prof. Prof. h.c.mult. Dr. Martin Winter.


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The project "E-Lyte" receives EXIST Transfer of Research

EXIST II Förderung

The pre-seed project “E-Lyte” at the University of Muenster received the  EXIST Transfer of Research grant.

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