One ton of high-performance electrolyte for batteries per day!

The first pilot production line for high-performance battery electrolytes is set to commence operations in Kaiserslautern in October 2022. Just this past May, The FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY GmbH (FUCHS), active in the lubricants sector worldwide, announced its investment in E-Lyte Innovations GmbH (E-Lyte). After just a short construction period, the new state-of-the-art and dynamic pilot plant is now ready to begin operations.

E-Lyte News - New Pilot Production Plant

“With the plant developed specifically for the dynamic battery market, we are able to produce and supply a very wide range of formulations for the customers of E-Lyte both quickly and at the highest quality,” comments Kay-Peter Wagner, Managing Director at FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY GmbH.

With the implementation of this project, E-Lyte is the first German company that can offer one of the most important components to the European battery market.

‘It’s our goal to help make the European battery value chain less dependent on world political events as soon as possible.’ said E-Lyte CEO Dr. Ralf Wagner. ‘A local supply chain for electrolyte solutions are also essential for another very important reason.  An electrolyte has a limited shelf life, which can be limited to only a few months, depending on the complexity of the composition.’ Dr. Wagner added.

Additionally to the pilot plant, a state-of-the-art production facility will also be constructed in Kaiserslautern. Once up and running, this new plant will be capable of producing several thousand tons of electrolyte per year. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.


This is how E-Lyte’s production plant differs from the plants of established competitors!

Established electrolyte producers only produce a small number of standard electrolyte formulations in large production plants for customers in the volume segment. I.e. max. 3-5 different standard electrolyte formulations for a specific energy storage technology.
E-Lytes´ approach is a much more forward-looking one! Due to the rapid development of energy storage technologies, three interdependent factors are crucial in order to react quickly and efficiently to the ever-changing needs.

  1. Technology leadership! E-Lyte has through its founders, shareholder structure and cooperation partners unique accumulated know-how in the field of electrolyte solutions, battery materials and cell technologies. By participating in various funding programs (e.g. RoSiLiB, CAESAR, SUPREME, IntelLiGent) for the research of more and more advanced batteries, this know-how is continuously developed. Furthermore, E-Lyte also offers benchmarking of new electrolyte components for the chemical industry and thus has access to the latest electrolyte components.
  2. Customer-specific development of tailor-made solutions! [LINK to Electrolyte Development] Due to the deep know-how in the field of battery research, E-Lyte can meet the desired goals of its customers in the best possible way. Extensive analytics and battery test infrastructure make E-Lyte a perfect all-in-one development partner in the field of research and development for innovative electrolyte solutions.
  3. Scaling of developed solutions and flexible production! After the successful development of the perfectly fitting electrolyte, the recipe can be transferred directly to volume production at E-Lyte.
    The main difference of the production plant of E-Lyte to the plants of its competitors is the high degree of flexibility when it comes to the production of different recipes! Due to its innovative design, E-Lyte’s production plant, which is currently under construction, will be able to adapt its production process for new formulations and cell technologies within a very short time and without large amounts of waste.
    For Europe, the construction of numerous energy storage production facilities for lithium-ion batteries, so-called gigafactories, with an accumulated production capacity of more than 1,411 GWh/year has been announced in recent years and months [1]. According to our own calculations, this results in an electrolyte demand of about 846,600 tpa. To date, however, there is insufficient electrolyte production capacity in Europe to meet the aforementioned demand. The main suppliers of electrolytes are currently located in Asia, especially in China. Local electrolyte production in Europe will shorten transport distances and thus improve the sustainability and carbon footprint of energy storage production in Europe.


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