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Electrolyte Manufacturing

Our flexibility is your advantage!

Global sourcing to meet your individual requirements and at the same time guarantee the best quality through consistent quality assurance with state-of-the-art analysis methods, that is the claim of E-Lyte. Your product is delivered to you at the time and quantity you demand.



Our global network of suppliers guarantees us access to relevant electrolyte components in the required purity and quantity to be able to perform any development in lithium-ion, sodium-ion, post-lithium technology and other electrochemical energy storage, such as the supercapacitors, at the highest level.



Highly flexible manufacturing of custom-made electrolyte formulations in various sample sizes. We offer batch sizes from 10 mL for high-throughput research, to 2,500 mL aluminum bottles for application-oriented research activities. In addition, we are able to produce the electrolyte in stainless steel drums with a capacity of 20 L. This opens up the possibility of integrating the electrolyte into an existing electrolyte filling system via quick couplings.

Electrolyte formulation

Our electrolytes are currently produced on a laboratory scale under an inert and extremely dry atmosphere with exclusively high-purity electrolyte components. Our electrolyte bottles are additionally packed in aluminium composite pouches in an airtight and moisture-proof manner. All our employees are trained in the handling of dangerous goods, so we can guarantee that our products are packaged and labeled professionally.


Our high demands on the quality and purity of our products can be met by continuous and extensive quality control using state-of-the-art analytical equipment in cooperation with our partner institute. We are working on the installation of an advanced electrolyte production line to increase the production volume while maintaining flexibility, for barrels sizes up to 200 kg. SOP is planned for 2023.

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