Team | E-Lyte Innovations Gmbh

Team and Partner

We believe how we work together is as important as our vision!

Founded in 2019, we are a group of highly motivated individuals with a strong background in lithium-ion battery technology, acquired through intensive cutting-edge research and development at the MEET Battery Research Center of the University Muenster led by the renowned material scientist Prof. Prof. h.c. mult. Dr. Martin Winter. Through our cooperation with one of the leading companies in the development and series production of tailor-made lithium-ion battery cells, battery systems and electrodes, CUSTOMCELLS®, we are confident that we are cutting the edge of technology development.

Team | E-Lyte Innovations Gmbh

We believe that for a successful company a strong and diverse team, as well as reliable partners, are mandatory

Kolja Beltrop | E-Lyte Innovations GmbH

Head of Technology

Dr. Kolja Beltrop

Stephan Röser | E-Lyte Innovations GmbH

Head of Production

Dr. Stephan Röser

Ralf Wagner | E-Lyte Innovations

Managing Director

Dr. Ralf Wagner

Dr. Mario Gehrlein - Managing Director E-Lyte Innovations

Managing Director

Dr. Mario Gehrlein

Mirco Ruttert | E-Lyte Innovations GmbH

Head of Public Funded Projects

Dr. Mirco Ruttert

Sebastian Staiger | E-Lyte Innovations GmbH

Head of Marketing and PR

Sebastian Staiger

Franziska Winterstein | E-Lyte Innovations GmbH

Head of QA

Franziska Winterstein

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    Cooperation partner


    MEET Battery Research Center


    FUCHS Lubricants Germany GmbH