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We accompany you through the whole process from scratch to production!

We offer comprehensive methods to compile meaningful data for our customers to assess the possibility of their IP for applications in the lithium-ion battery sector. Further, we provide deep insight into the technology and into the relevant markets and develop strategies to develop and implement products or ideas in those markets.

We offer extensive service measurements in the field of electrolyte development, benchmarking and characterization:

  • Determination of temperature-dependent ionic conductivity
  • Wetting properties on battery materials (e.g. separator, electrodes, etc.) and in cells
  • Determination of flame point according to a closed cup method
  • Determination of flammability by means of self-extinguishing time (SET)
  • Determination of gassing (during formation, storage and/or cycling)
  • Purity analysis (e.g. water content according to the Karl Fischer method, gas chromatography, etc.).
  • Determination of gas evolution (during formation, storage and/or cyclic aging).
  • Thermal characterization by TGA and DSC.
  • Determination of viscosity.
  • Electrochemical characterization (e.g. electrochemical stability window on inert or active electrodes, investigation of the anodic dissolution of the current conductor, impedance measurements, electrochemical measurements under constant current, pulse tests, etc.).
  • Recording of potential curves in 3-electrode cells.

E-Lyte offers various studies, such as feasibility studies and benchmarking studies.

Resistance test of sealing materials – WORKSHOP & RESEARCH STUDY

Do you have the right answer to the following question:

Is my battery cell sealing material compatible with the electrolyte solution?

We offer the perfect workshop and subsequent research study to answer this question to your complete satisfaction and qualify your sealing material for use in battery cells for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries and supercapacitors.


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  1. Feasibility studies & evaluation: Electrochemical evaluation of new electrolyte components or electrolytes
  2. Market & competitor studies in the field of electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries
  3. Technology studies & road mapping: Market analyses, literature studies and forecasts
  4. Cost analysis: Material costs, process efficiency, target costing, cost-break-down analyses for electrolytes
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