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Electrolyte Development

There is no one-fits-all electrolyte solution. Say hello to special.

We use our long-term experience in combination with state-of-the-art technology for the specific purpose of electrolyte development. At the end of the process there is an optimized electrolyte solution as a recipe, meaningful data and, if desired, a ready-to-use product in the quantity you need. Our process is dedicated to developing the most suitable electrolyte solution for your needs in the most efficient way.

Overview of our development process - step by step

Overview of our development process - step by step

  • Transparent process in close collaboration with the customer
  • Rapid development process based on E-Lyte’s long-time experience and large database in electrolyte development
  • Definition of key performance indicators as selection criteria for data analysis based on the customers’ requirements

2. Electrolyte formulation

  • Preparation of electrolyte formulations of up to 100 samples per day
  • Physicochemical evaluation at electrolyte level, e.g. temperature-dependent ionic conductivity
Elektrolytentwicklung | Formulation | E-Lyte Innovations

3. Test cell manufacturing

  • Manufacturing of highly reproducible machine-made multilayer pouch cells
  • Manufacturing of 2 and 3-electrode laboratory test cells of various designs

4. Cell testing

Electrochemical testing under

  • controlled temperature
  • controlled pressure on cell stack
Elektrolytentwicklung | Zelltests | E-Lyte Innovations
Data analysis of electrolyte performance - E-Lyte Innovations GmbH

5. Data analysis and iterative optimization

  • Fast and reliable data analysis
  • Selection of promising candidates for subsequent optimization steps
  • Repeating test loops until the optimal electrolyte formulation is found
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